Accelerate innovation with VVVV-Engineering

Our goal is to put our expertise into meaningful developments to improve well being, freedom and to build sustainable solutions in harmony with the natural systems of our home-planet Earth. Besides expertise in electromechanics, we are also in the process of acquiring professional expertise in drone/UAS manufacturing. We were founded in Belgium and are set up in Spain.


Niche Engineering services - Victron Energy Custom Electrical motor home Diagrams

Having acquired the necessary know-how, through our working experience in Belgium for an Expedition truck building company, we know what customers need and what they struggle with.

We make it our mission to create comprehensible electrical diagrams for our customer’s recreational vehicles or other projects.

If you desire this service for help with your own truck, boat, diy van, tiny house or utility vehicle, please contact us by clicking here.


3D CAD step part designing service ISO2768

Manufacturing oriented 3D CAD design according to ISO2768

We provide the design of 3D CAD parts, complete with 2D technical drawing(s) according to the ISO2768 standard. Typical customers range from Aerospace Companies to single person Amazon sellers. Our account has close connections with some of the best prototyping manufacturers in the world.

white round plastic on white surface

Product photo-realistic Renderings

Using Blender software, we can create picture perfect renders of your designs.

You can use these images directly for your Web-store, in Catalogues or neat Brochures.

vvvvdrones professional drone and uas services

Drone operation

We are licensed to operate drones throughout Europe. You may directly hire us regarding aerial video productions, inspection of your systems and other jobs. Video in 1080p and high quality images up to 120 m above ground level.

We are currently working on future drone developments aiming at providing more systems and services in the future in the domains of agriculture, fire-fighting, inspection and medical or urgent package delivery.


Many companies, as well as ours, are taking advantage of new opportunities created by the drone industry in growing their businesses.

Join us in this movement and make your company cutting edge.